Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

Angel Or Devil v1.0.3

VIA Google Translate:

Defence the start of the game! Angel's fateful confrontation with the Devil! Ultimate Defense game!

Previously unseen
Defense of the war from the ground up as a game came out!

1. Angels and demons and the two story lines
Angel and the Devil's fateful confrontation with the road you can enjoy an interesting story.

2. Lava, the soul of the forest, the sky a brilliant garden of three chapters
Spectacular action and graphics can not compare with the previous Quality Enjoy.

3. Brigade General of flying with a joystick that controls
Brigade General control of the unit, not only with the dedicated skill upgrading has more fun.

4. Develop a variety of upgrades to make a strong army!
Each backdrop featured large-scale war, with giant boss battles a brilliant intense amazed at the colorful graphics in battle leads to one more surprise!


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